Aavishkaar's Knowledge Management Strategy

In the emerging digital and global economy managing knowledge effectively has become a source of competitive advantage. Companies are adopting various integrated approaches to indentify, manage, share and capitalise on the know-how, experience and intellectual capital of employees. It's an open secret that today's business organizations greatly depend upon maximizing resources, eliminating rework and responding effectively to meet the business goals. Further it's also clear that Knowledge Sharing has become as essential part of Knowledge Management. The effective use of knowledge is a key ingredient in all successful organizations, no matter what businesses they are in. Using knowledge correctly in an organization requires an understanding that the mere availability of raw, disconnected bits of information is not knowledge and can't adequately address these enterprise imperatives. While Knowledge Management must focus on supporting the sharing of knowledge between individuals, this can't be done in isolation. Instead Knowledge Management projects must recognize the importance of providing effective platforms for creating , recognising and dissemination of knowledge.

As an institution, Aavishkaar encourages and nurtures certain values across all levels and the focus of one of our initiatives being channelized towards one such force in the form of series is – GROWTH. We believe that GROWTH is a direct function of KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE and that is available at Aavishkaar in abundance. Our team members bring a diverse range of knowledge and experience, therefore to best leverage these dynamic learnings and – to bring our talented individual members and teams together to help each other out, to learn new concepts and to get to know relevant thoughts on topics interest and relevance.

Instead of applying the most traditional approach of top-down management to mentoring and training, Aavishkaar encourages the entrepreneurship-based model, where every team member of ours contributes to others development and effectively contributes towards the organisational growth. The idea behind the KNOWLEDGE series is to get to share the information, learnings, ideas, innovations and known best practices across the organisation. This in turn helps us build a strong central KNOWLEDGE storehouse, an able think tank, build and develop credible thought leaders and enable us to replicate success from one pocket of excellence in another.

At Aavishkaar, we have spent considerable amount of time working on the series and covered various subjects ranging from Mergers and Acquisitions, Principles of Debt, Review on the Indian Agriculture / Dairy Sector, Securitization. The series additionally also ropes in external subject matter experts or experienced professionals to share their experiences and learnings with the team at Aavishkaar. Aavishkaar's ultimate goal on Knowledge Sharing is to encourage and build thought leadership, and stimulating conversations between various inhabitants in the community and is equally focussed within the organisation to distribute the right content to the right people at the right time. Therefore our system is designed to enable people to quickly and efficiently find information and expertise that aid decision making and problem solving.

Looking ahead, Aavishkaar aims to move to managing KNOWLEDGE from sharing - to build a strong data warehouse, using internal and external resources to address the learning capabilities of individuals , groups / teams . Aavishkaar's Knowledge Management Strategy will focus the efforts on areas with the greatest opportunity for business benefit through continuous learning.